Why are GetSkinHelp Virtual Appointments Short?

virtual appointment with a doctor
August 6, 2021
Richard Pietro

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

Article co-written with Hiba Faisal

You just had your virtual appointment with a GetSkinHelp licensed doctor, and you are wondering why it only lasted 5-10 minutes. 

That is because we have either eliminated or front-loaded many of the steps you would typically experience when seeing a doctor for the first time. 

For example, filling out the digital medical forms and sending pictures of your skin condition through our website/app allows the doctor to review your file before your appointment. As you can imagine, this saves both you and the GetSkinHelp doctor quite a bit of time. 

We have also created a new Electric Management Records system (EMR) that automates many of the tedious administrative tasks for doctors. EMRs are used to keep track of doctor’s notes, issue requisition forms, send referrals to specialists, and arrange billing to the Ministry of Health. 

And believe it or not, many of those responsibilities are currently being done using analogue tools (like faxes), which are a huge burden. This new EMR is helping doctors be more efficient so they can focus as much of their attention on your health.  

Which is exactly what we want to do at GetSkinHelp: booking you an appointment with a doctor who will take stock of your situation and determine the severity of your condition.  

We do our best to eliminate many of the issues associated with an in-person clinic visits including lengthy appointments, double (and triple) booking, long wait times, and bureaucratic duties. 

Dr. Hannah Chan, COO of GetSkinHelp and a physician herself, is set to ensure patient care is always our No. 1 priority and that you get a seamless experience that resolves your skin condition in a timely manner. 

Book an appointment at GetSkinHelp and check off something off your to-do list.



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