Frequently Asked

Is the website secure?

Yes! Whether it be email, prescriptions, or diagnoses, we hold ourselves to the same government standards as any “brick & mortar” medical clinic and are compliant with all Ontario regulations when it comes to the privacy and security of our patient’s digital information.

You can read our privacy policy here.

Does cost anything?

No. If you have an Ontario Insurance Health Plan (OHIP), University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), or Blue Cross card you are covered.

Will I get an official diagnosis if I use

No. is a screening service that bypasses the long waiting lists to connect patients with a skin specialist in a matter of days, sometimes even hours.

What will happen is that during your virtual appointment, the doctor will look at your skin condition and suggest next steps.

That might involve a more thorough, in-person examination and possibly even tests such as a biopsy.

How much of my medical history do I need to submit?
Share with us only what you feel comfortable in sharing.
Can I use my phone to take a picture of the skin abnormality, or do I need a special tool?
Your phone’s camera will do.
How many images should I submit?

We ask that you send us at least three pictures that are in clear and in focus. All pictures should contain one point of reference, like a coin, and at least one picture should indicate where on your body the skin condition can be found.

Can I submit images for more than one skin condition?

No. We ask that you for your initial screening you show us only your biggest concern. However, do not hesitate to schedule additional appointments with the doctor during your screening.

Can I also register a loved one and submit their images?

Definitely. In fact, we encourage people to help loved ones who may not be tech-savvy and guide them through the process.

Are my images and my medical history secure?

Yes! As we are an Ontario-based company, we must adhere to all provincial and national regulations dealing with the safeguarding of medical data, privacy, and security.

How will I be able to connect with a doctor online?
We will send you an email once you complete the registration with detailed information about your appointment, including a link that will lead you to an online video conference (when the time comes) where you and your doctor will discuss your concerns.

Or you can click here when it is time for your screening and enter the virtual waiting room. The doctor to let you in when they are ready.

Is my personal data protected?
Yes. We are governed by the same Ontario Ministry of Health regulations on the proper handling of personal data as any other medical establishment. That means your privacy is protected by the highest government standards.
I am returning patient on GetSkinHelp. Do I go through the same process?

No. Since we already have a file on you, as well as your medical history, kindly email us or call 1.833.272.SKIN (7546) if you want another appointment.

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