Father Ed Shares his Journey with Melanoma

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GetSkinHelp is more than a just digital health company. It is a service that changes people’s lives for the better. We continuously emphasize the importance of skin health, while understanding that sometimes it can be difficult to get the help you need. Melanoma, skin cancer and various other skin concerns can be overwhelming and our goal, always, is to help you.

That is why we make patients our top priority. And because of that we occasionally receive heartwarming feedback from patients.

Father Ed Wagner out of Chesley, Ontario is one such patient. His message about his journey with potential melanoma and GetSkinHelp was so touching and insightful that we asked permission to publish his letter.

You can read his story below.

Dear Colin [Dr. Colin Hong, the GetSkinHelp Co-Founder]:

I’m writing to express how very pleased I am with my recent experience at Skinopathy/GetSkinHelp.

In my rural area of Southern Ontario, there is a scarcity of dermatologists/plastic surgeons, so when I became aware of a rapidly-growing, ugly-looking lesion on my left temple, I began searching for skin specialists over the internet—which is where I discovered you and your team.

I am Yale University-trained clergy, with post-graduate certification in oncological hospital chaplaincy from Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Because my first wife died of the disease at 49, and our first son was diagnosed with it when he was 23, I have deeply personal knowledge of what melanoma is and can do.

Consequently, I was looking for treatment that was quickly responsive, accurate and skillful. I found all of that and more from you, and for that I am exceedingly grateful. The lesion was off in two weeks, and the diagnosis—not a melanoma, not a squamous cell carcinoma, but a benign keratosis—was back very quickly, as was your initial follow-up. I’ve also been positively impressed with your compassionate, friendly subsequent attentions.

From my experience, I am convinced you and your team are on to something very good and much needed in Ontario medicine. This is the way of the future. I am unreservedly recommending Skinopathy/GetSkinHelp to others.

Any lump or bump can be scary, especially one like I had. Sometimes, people need to talk their fears through with a skilled listener. Should you get the feeling such would benefit one of your patients, I’m willing to offer my services professionally at no charge, in keeping with what seems to be yours and Hannah’s own pro bono efforts.

I would be pleased if you might forward this Thank You to Hannah and Keith, and your thoughtful office staff.

Blessings and thanks—

Link to Father Ed’s Yale Alumni Page

As a team, it is rewarding to see our efforts are helping people.

Melanoma and other skin diseases are not something to be neglected and should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Many of our patients, like Father Ed, have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it can be to see a skin specialist in Canada, especially if you live in a remote region.

Because of new laws in Ontario, a doctor’s referral is required. If you think you or someone you know has melanoma or other skin concerns, we can help. Visit www.getskinhelp.com/getstarted to book your OHIP-covered appointment today.

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