Prescriptions are Possible via Virtual Consults

Article co-written with Pritish Garg

Telemedicine is relatively new and this post is meant to help you understand a little better how prescriptions are written and issued during a virtual consultation. 

When people go see a doctor they are typically given a little piece of paper with a prescription written on it. They then take that little piece of paper and bring it to their pharmacy (or the pharmacy in the doctor’s office) to fill their prescription. 

And some people think that prescriptions can only be issued in that way. That during a virtual appointment you cannot be issued a prescription, when in fact that is not the case. 

How does it work?
It has always been possible for doctors to write a prescriptions following a virtual consult and the practice became more popular due to the lockdowns. 

When scheduling a virtual appointment on GetSkinHelp, make sure to include your pharmacy information. Once your consultation is complete, the doctor might see a need to write you a prescription and we will automatically send it to your pharmacist within 24 hours. 

What’s more? You can update your choice of pharmacy with the GetSkinHelp app. All the patient information such as medical & medication records are kept highly secure.

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New Realities
There is a term in healthcare we use called “the circle-of-care” and it represents all the professionals who are tasked with making sure you are living a healthy and productive life. Right now, that circle-of-care is going through a drastic transformation as it moves from being an analogue process, rife with faxes and print-outs, to being digitized. 

The lockdowns have accelerated the need for this transformation and the infrastructure is coming into place all while government regulators are updating their policies. 

So, the next time you have a rash or other skin concern, and you cannot get an appointment with your doctor in a timely fashion, do not want to risk being exposed to the Coronavirus, do not hesitate to use GetSkinHelp to schedule an appointment with a doctor who can write you a prescription that will be sent to your pharmacist.

Congratulations! You just saved yourself some time and money!  

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