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GetSkinHelpis growing and seeking specialists ready to join our network of doctors.

About GetSkinHelp

GetSkinHelp is an online dermatological platform that allows Canadians to get prompt virtual medical attention when it comes to skin diseases and skin cancers.

We have digitized the doctor’s office and created proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that powers both a state-of-the-art EMR and a skin disease screening tool.

GetSkinHelp is licensed by Health Canada.

Why join GetSkinHelp?

Work on your terms: Choose patient volume and specify special interests, work from as little as two hours a week to full-time, any day of the week.

Hassle Free practice: Billing/Patient/Admin/IT support is taken care of, so doctors can fully concentrate on patient care.

Technology-driven: Pertinent medical history with images prior to a virtual consult. Automated notification system lowering no-show rates.

Mentorship: Access to specialists for 2nd opinions and assistance.

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The team of Skin Specialists at GetSkinHelp

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