What to expect at the Dermatologist

Dermatologist consulting patient

So you were able to #GetSkinHelp and now you’ve been booked for an appointment, that’s great! A
Dermatologist can often spot a potential skin cancer (whether it be SCC – Squamous Cell Carcinoma, BCC – Basal Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma, or even a Merkel Cell Carcinoma) on sight or with their dermatoscope, or if they find a lesion particularly suspicious they will recommend a biopsy for pathological analysis.

Valeria’s Story With Melanoma

Picture of Valeria telling her story with Melanoma

Valeria is a mother of three and her journey with melanoma spanned the globe and is riddled with misdiagnoses, delays, and conflicts.

Listen to her story below.

Father Ed Shares his Journey with Melanoma

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In my rural area of Southern Ontario, there is a scarcity of dermatologists / plastic surgeons, so when I became aware of a rapidly-growing, ugly-looking lesion on my left temple, I began searching for skin specialists over the internet—which is where I discovered you and your team.

Aging and your Skin

dermatologist examining a patient

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Maria’s Story – Part 6

Heavenly Choir

Call it Karma. Call it Divine Intervention. Call it what you will, but on December 15th Maria’s luck kicked into hyperdrive.

Maria’s Story – Part 5

plan b

For months she let the system control her health, but now that she knew the stakes, she decided to take control of her health.