#StopWaiting and GetSkinHelp

We are very happy to share that the GetSkinHelp mobile app is now available to download on Android and Apple!

It is Canada’s most advanced mobile app for skin cancers and skin diseases and supported by the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, the Save Your Skin Foundation, and the Melanoma Network of Canada.

This launch is part of the newly announced #StopWaiting and GetSkinHelp campaign to help raise awareness about skin cancers and skin diseases, all while providing people with an option to have their suspicious moles checked out by doctors.


The app lets you:

  • Choose your own day and time to book a video consultation.
  • Get help with the full spectrum of skin conditions
    Use SkinAI™ technology to screen skin diseases, including skin cancers.
  • Capture images of your skin lesions and share them with your doctor.
  • Covered by your Canadian health card.

The GetSkinHelp mobile app allows individuals to access the SkinAI™ technology – an embedded artificial intelligence that allows people to quickly analyze for a selection of skin diseases, including skin cancers – and schedule video appointments with a licensed Canadian doctor who can help determine next steps.

From there, the doctor might suggest an in-person appointment or simply write a prescription, which will be sent to the patient’s home or pharmacy. What is most important is that the app gets a person in front of a doctor faster than traditional means.

So, you can now #StopWaiting and get that mole checked out!

Download the app today on Android and Apple!

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