GSH Rant – Human-in-the-Loop

Artificial Intelligence

Why can’t healthcare be on your phone? Everything else is on your phone.

With GetSkinHelp we’re giving you screening tools powered by artificial intelligence. And I’m not talking about the Matrix or the Terminator.

No, no, no.

This is called third generation artificial intelligence. There’s always a human that’s part of the process to verify everything. it’s not just A.I. running amok. Our A.I. does not diagnose. Our A.I. screens

Oh, I forgot to mention. It’s free!

To learn more about the GSH AI screening tools, watch the rant video. Your skin deserves the best.


Skin issues can be overwhelming, but GetSkinHelp is here to make things easy.  

Book an appointment and a GetSkinHelp doctor will see you within two-to-four weeks to get your skin checked out. 

GetSkinHelp also has an app that you can use if that is more up your alley. Download the mobile app on Android or Apple and book your appointment today! 

It is now easier than ever to have control of your skin!


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