Maria’s Story – Timeline of Events

maria's story timeline of events two Centimetres

You can read Part 1: The Bump here

You can read Part 2: Collateral damage from the Coronavirus here

You can read Part 3: Delays, misunderstandings, and a lackadaisical attitude here

You can read Part 4: Bureaucracy run amok here 

In 2020, Maria, a mother of four living a suburban life, was met with a life altering medical diagnosis.

Skin cancer.

We invite you to read Maria’s cautionary tale two centimetres which is about her journey through the healthcare system to rid herself of a malignant tumour that was hiding in plain sight. We go deep into the bureaucracy and its interaction with people’s lives.

Above you will find a detailed timeline of events that demonstrates the obstacles Maria faced during her year-long journey as she became closely acquainted with the minutia and realities of skin cancer.

In Part 1 Maria is held hostage by COVID-19.

Visit today and have your suspicious moles or bumps checked virtually.

Share this story and help us raise awareness about skin cancer.

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