Fundraising at 110%

It is painful to say that after a remarkable five-or-so months, the 2021 summer season is officially closing its curtains.

The seasons are changing yet again, so let us take a step back in time to when the leaves were beginning to grow on trees rather than fall out of them.

May was Melanoma Awareness Month and our team wanted to do our part.

During a brainstorming session we stumbled across an Instagram post by the Melanoma Network of Canada promoting their annual fundraiser, Strides for Melanoma, and immediately wanted to enroll as a team.

Since this was our first foray into fundraising, we set a modest goal of $700. Afterall, we are a relatively young startup and we wanted to see what we were capable of.

Little did we know how much we had underestimated our collective passion for this cause.

Throughout May we created graphics, shared videos, and spoke to many people to promote the GetSkinHelp Strides for Melanoma fundraising page. And donations overwhelmed us!

Thanks to the dedication of one person who was able to raise $9,815.00 and lead us to a 1st place finish with a total of $13,450.00 in funds raised. In fact, she alone would have come in third place on the “Top Teams” leaderboard!

Everything was falling into place. All we needed to do now was the actual walk.

GetSkinHelp Co-Founder, Dr. Colin Hong and his wife Carol Hong, woke up bright and early to get their steps in before the Opening Ceremonies hosted by the Melanoma Network of Canada. The rest of us soon followed once Jully Black finished singing her tribute to Bob Marley (and she sung beautifully). Everyone shared their pictures with our group chat and showed their support by posting their experiences on the GetSkinHelp Instagram story highlights page.

Strides for Melanoma could not have gone any better. Thank you so much, Melanoma Network of Canada, for running such a fantastic event and for managing to secure $213,159.51 in donations.

Until next year, 

The GetSkinHelp Team

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