Growing up in the Sun

Image of child holding hands with a parent in the sun

November is here and the earthy smell of grass and the warm touch of the sun are all but gone in Canada.

But soon, they will returns. And when they do the bittersweet reality of those moments of that reality need to be acknowledged:

Fundraising at 110%

(Image of man walking a distance of five kilometres)

We have all been on one of those summer road trips where the sun is shining so hard you need to pull down the visor.

Uniting for Skin Cancer

uniting for skin cancer

As Melanoma Awareness Month reaches its midway mark, GetSkinHelp (alongside hundreds of participants) gathered online to participate in one of the most highly anticipated events in the skincare community: The annual Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) “Champions for Change” Gala.

How to Take Pictures for the GetSkinHelp Website

Image of cell phone taking picture of skin lesion

So, you decided to get that bothersome “skin thing” checked out on GetSkinHelp and need to take a picture of your skin concern, but are not exactly where to start.

It is much simpler than you think, and it begins here…