Uniting for Skin Cancer

As Melanoma Awareness Month reaches its midway mark, GetSkinHelp (alongside hundreds of participants) gathered online to participate in one of the most highly anticipated events in the skincare community: The annual Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) “Champions for Change” Gala.

Despite this being their first-ever virtual event, the gala was a huge success and featured icons such as Alan Cumming (X2, The Smurfs) and Michelle Monaghan (Pixels, True Detective) to share how their lives were affected by skin cancer.

But, to kick things off, the host Harry Santa-Olalla, gave a very cheeky introduction and had us believe his audio was not working properly by “mouthing” the words of his script. I cranked my volume to the max to hear him speak, but then had to laugh when I realized I was being pranked. Talk about grabbing the attention of your audience!

“All of us want to live better and healthier lives.” – Dr. Perry Robins, Skin Cancer Foundation Chairman

Dr. Perry Robins, Chairman for the SCF, also had the opportunity to speak to the attendees and shared the story about the start of the Skin Cancer Foundation, their dreams, and how they got to where they are today.

There are now nearly 9 million people who go to SkinCancer.org annually for the latest skin cancer information. With their persistence and dedication, in 2019 they provided 1,827 free skin cancer screenings where 578 potential skin cancers and precancers were spotted.

Skin Cancer
GetSkinHelp staffer, Julie Tudor, taking part in the Skin Cancer Foundation Gala

More stories were shared in the chat box where guests from all over the world wrote about how they have been impacted by skin cancer, or knew someone who went head-to-head with skin cancer. 

The support from each member brought a smile to all our faces. It provided a sense of community among a society that might seem detached due to the pandemic.

To conclude the festivities, Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff, President of the SCF announced that their efforts with the gala allowed them to raise over $540,000 dedicated to support the SCF educational campaigns, lifesaving programs, and research grants. “During the pandemic, skin cancer did not wait. And neither could we,” said Ms. Sarnoff, President of the SCF. “When people are struggling and people are uncertain, they need access to answers.”

Since their inception in 1979, the SCF has created a network of passionate people helping to educate the public about the prevention, early detection, and treatment of skin cancer.

Thank you for hosting this wonderful and heart-warming evening!

Skin Cancer
Harry Santa-Olalla pretending to have difficulties with his audio.

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