Father Ed Shares his Journey with Melanoma

Image of Open Book melanoma

In my rural area of Southern Ontario, there is a scarcity of dermatologists / plastic surgeons, so when I became aware of a rapidly-growing, ugly-looking lesion on my left temple, I began searching for skin specialists over the internet—which is where I discovered you and your team.

How Much The Ontario Government Is Investing In Virtual Care

Ontario Government Is Investing In Virtual Care

The Ontario government recently announced plans to expand its innovative home and community care services with a $115 million investment. The following is a quote from their press release:  “With today’s modern medical advances and technology, and with the help of our dedicated nurses and personal support workers, we are ready to provide quality care for patients in their own homes and […]

Why Skin Cancer Screening Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Doctor Hong and doctor Chan reviewing patient photos.

A recent report by the Toronto Star has exposed how the Coronavirus is affecting cancer care in Ontario. Their report states that there is a “sharp rise in the number of people coming to hospitals with advanced cancers” due to doctors prioritizing more serious cases, people avoiding medical centres, and the postponement of screening programs for breast, […]