How Much The Ontario Government Is Investing In Virtual Care

The Ontario government recently announced plans to expand its innovative home and community care services with a $115 million investment. The following is a quote from their press release: 

“With today’s modern medical advances and technology, and with the help of our dedicated nurses and personal support workers, we are ready to provide quality care for patients in their own homes and in their communities,” said Premier Ford. “This kind of care is not only critical to keeping patients safe and healthy during COVID-19, but also part of our government’s ongoing commitment to end hallway health care and ensure our hospitals are not overwhelmed.”

This investment also includes $5 million geared specifically to increase virtual home and community care capacity by purchasing technology geared for video conferencing, remote monitoring, and secure messaging.

This kind of progress is essential if we are going to raise the standard of care for Ontarians and this announcement is a tremendous step forward for the Ontario government and an encouraging sign for GetSkinHelp.

Ontarians need to be provided with different options on how to access healthcare and there is a bounty of unused and unapplied technology sitting in our laps. The ramifications of the pandemic will be felt for years and has accelerated the need for healthcare reform and Ontarians are relying on the public and private sectors to keep them safe and provide alternate options during these uncertain times.

Ontario Government Is Investing In Virtual Care

Our goal when we first launched GetSkinHelp was to provide those exact same services because we identified those exact same needs. We all lead busy lives and medical professionals are being stretched to the limits.

According to the Ontario government press release there have been around 7,500 virtual home care nursing and rehab visits delivered per week during the pandemic and that two thirds of Canadians support virtual care.

You can read the full press release here.

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