SPF Minute #3 – The ABCDE’s On How To Detect Melanoma

How To Detect Melanoma

by | Dec 18, 2020

Melanoma, while perhaps the least common form of skin cancer, is by far the deadliest due to its tendency to spread quickly to other organs and lymph nodes. 

Melanoma typically looks like a mole or can evolve from an already existing mole. And there are 5 distinct elements to look for in a potentially cancerous mole. Think of them as the ABCDE’s of how to detect melanoma: 

A – asymmetrical
B – boarder irregularities 
C – coloured differently 
D – diameter >6mm 
E – evolving rapidly 

Keep those in mind and catch melanoma before it is too late. 

Collision with MedTech

Collision with MedTech

Collision, the World’s largest and most influential technology conference is taking place right now, and Skinopathy Inc, the GetSkinHelp parent company, is part of the Ontario Government delegation.

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