SPF Minute #16 – The Sun Protection Factor found on sunblock or sunscreen is a measure of how long you can stay out in the sun.

Sun Protection Factor

by | Mar 17, 2021

The Sun Protection Factor, also known as SPF, found on sunblock or sunscreen is a measure of how long you can stay out in the sun. All you do is multiply how long it takes for you to burn by the SPF number and that is how long you can stay in the Sun. 

Sofor example, if it takes you 10 minutes to burn, then a sunblock with SPF 30 will allow to stay out in the sun for 300 minutes, or 5 hours, before you start to burn. 

Make sure you put that sunscreen on before you head out into the sun to adequately protect yourself from sun burns and skin cancers in the future.

Collision with MedTech

Collision with MedTech

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