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by | Apr 20, 2021

Collision, the World’s largest and most influential technology conference is taking place right now, and Skinopathy Inc, the GetSkinHelp parent company, is part of the Ontario Government delegation.

InvestOntario, the central agency for discovering new and exciting businesses in Ontario, has chosen 65 companies to join them as part of their delegation to the Collision Conference. In fact, InvestOntario sees so much potential in our efforts they chose Skinopathy Inc as one of five companies to profile on their blog. Below is an excerpt:

With the future of healthcare top of mind, firms from around the globe are working tirelessly to ensure we have the technology we need to live a healthier tomorrow.


And it’s no surprise that Ontario is spearheading these advancements. Our medtech landscape is leading the shift from “sick care” to patient-centred “health care,” and companies from startups to well-established firms are choosing Ontario as a base from which to lead the revolution.

This is an incredible accomplishment for a startup who launched less than a year go.

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Guests featured at the Collision Conference

Making Digital Health Waves
In a short period of time Skinopathy Inc has filed patent pending Artificial Intelligence Technology; launched an online platform that connects patients with doctors virtually; schedule appointments with dermatologists within days, sometimes even hours, when traditional means could take weeks or months; and will soon be releasing their mobile application that will feature even more exciting functions.

Our work is geared with the sole purpose of modernizing healthcare, both for patients and physicians, particularly the at-risk population, those living in remote regions, and generally making it easier for people to get the medical attention they need.

We have bold plans moving forward as we continue to change how medicine is practiced.

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