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Who is Neuro?

NEURO represents who many of us want to be: strong and confident in our own skin.

Thanks to a little bit of help from friends at GetSkinHelp and the SkinAI™ technology, you too can feel just like NEURO. Learn more on #SkinCaring!

Digital Health Week

Canada is celebrating Digital Health Week from Nov 14 – 20. Learn what we have in store to help you with all your skin concerns!

Day 1, Monday, Nov 14

The GetSkinHelp walkING Clinic
12pm - 2pm

Yonge & Dundas Square, Toronto

Our team will be on Yonge Street to answer all of your skin-related medical questions! You can even test out our new AI that can screen for skin cancers!

Announcement: New GSH Website​


We have new website! Check it out, book an appointment, and have a doctor look at your skin condition in 2 weeks or less!

Day 2, Tuesday, Nov 15

Podcast: Why Are there so few dermatologists in Canada?


Renown Dermatologists explains once and for all why there are so few dermatologists in Canada.

Day 3, Wednesday, Nov 16

The Melanoma Challenge


Think you can spot melanoma just by looking at a suspicious mole? Watch the video and pit your skills against the Responsible AI Institute, Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium, and Creative Destruction Lab!

Day 4, Thursday, Nov 17

Instagram Live featuring Dermatologist, Dr. Thakur!
730pm - 815pm


Dr. Juthika Thakur will answer your #SkinCaring questions live on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 730pm!

Day 5, Friday, Nov 18

Patient Story | Valeria

Coming Soon

A story that begins in Canada, goes to Russia, and comes back to Canada. Needless to say, Valeria was having a hard time finding help.

Patient Story | Belle

Coming Soon

Watch Belle use GetSkinHelp and get a quick answer and appointment that could have possibly caught melanoma early.

Patient Story | Maria

Coming Soon

Learn the incredible details that go into diagnosing a melanoma. We go through everything from visual inspection to the lymphoscintigraphy!

Patient Story | Richard

Coming Soon

Something as simple and small as a lip protuberance can significantly affect your quality of life and your ability to enjoy your jetski.

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